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We hold our team to the highest standards for performance and quality.  As representatives of NVTT, they are committed to ensuring your best experience.

Our chauffeurs, tour guides, and wine educators are well trained, highly skilled individuals, licensed and insured, with years of experience.  They have an intimate knowledge of the local valleys, highways, airports, and the communities served.  They are well aware of the various current activities and events in wine country.

Our team members have solid backgrounds and are well regarded by our clients.  Many were successful professionals in the wine, hospitality or other industries, hold university degrees and wine education certification, and are appreciated for their knowledge.

Each of our team members must first undergo thorough background investigations, including screening for past drug or alcohol use and driving violations.  We constantly evaluate their performance throughout their employment with NVTT.

They receive intensive on-road training in all vehicles they drive, with emphasis on both skill and safety.  They are accessible by cell phone for calls, e-mail or text to ensure a rapid response to any need during your stay.

We are confident you will be delighted to spend the day with our courteous and polished professionals!