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Napa Valley Tours and Transportation Corporate Offices
407 Soscol Avenue
Napa CA 94559



Mike Graham President & CEO
Teresa Graham Vice President
Dyonte Lindsey Hospitaliity/Reservations
Mike Johnson Hospitality/Reservations
Simri Casas Hospitality/Reservations
Dominique Rudd Hospitality/Reservations
Erin Robinson Hospitality/Reservations
Josh Gore Hospitality/Reservations
Ellen Frediani Senior Group Sales Manager
Danielle Jerome Group Sales Manager
Jamie Brown Group Sales Manager
Taylor Hill Concierge
Joanne Griffin Concierge
April Yacub Dispatch Manager
Mike Basayne Director Corporate Development
Ashley Souza  H.R. Administrator
Gilda Kihneman  Controller
Debbie Rogers  Bookeeper
Aurora Dial-Blankenship  Bookeeper
J.T. Love Fleet Manager
Jeremy Durfee  IT Manager
Jason Raphael  Chauffeur Manager