Trusted Transportation Specialist for Wine Tasting ToursNapa Valley Tours & Transportation Offers Wedding and Anniversary Service

Napa, California-based transportation company, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is now helping couples celebrate in style with their personalized limousine services for anniversary and wedding events. Celebrating couples can choose to book limousine wine tasting tours directly with the Napa company or simply book their services for catered dinner events to celebrate their happy occasions. Couples will receive a free bottle of champagne when they book as part of this special offer!

Traveling in a limousine is a truly unique experience. There’s the comfort the passengers experience inside the vehicle, with its wide seating areas and luxury amenities, and look of the vehicle from outside where onlookers peek to catch a glimpse of the famous person potentially inside. This highlights the distinct allure that traveling by limousine offers and now the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is offering their own unique limousine services for wedding and anniversary events.

As part of their wedding service, the specialist for Napa wine tasting tours can help couples select a wedding venue as well as to book luxury travel to and from the area. It’s a service that’s organized completely by trusted local specialists and ensures a truly memorable day for all involved in the event. The company’s anniversary service provides couples with a limousine for travel to and from restaurants and wineries and can be customized for the VIP experience. Each couple will be offered a free bottle of champagne as a way to celebration their special occasion!

To learn more on the latest services offered through Napa Valley Tours & Transportation, please contact their team today at (707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

Receive an Extra Tour Hour Free on Wine Tasting Tours from Napa Valley Tours & Transportation

Napa, CA-based experts for dynamic transportation services, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation have recently introduced a new special offer. Now, the company will be offering tour guests an extra hour of tour time when clients book Napa wine tasting tours of at least five hours between Monday and Friday. This additional hour will give visitors more flexibility in exploring the wineries and surroundings of Napa Valley and will allow them to truly relax and enjoy their tour experience.

Wine tours are one of the best ways to see the Napa Valley. They allow the visitor an insight into the Napa way of life and about the people involved within the vinicultural industry. They are also guided by drivers with comprehensive local knowledge, that ensures that visitors can learn about the different wine areas as they enjoy the surroundings. To help enhance their tour service, local leaders Napa Valley Tours and Transportation is now offering an extra hour of tour time for free for those that book a 5-hour or more long tour between Monday and Friday.

Booking wine tasting tours through Napa Valley Tours and Transportation provides the guest with an unforgettable experience alongside their fellow visitors. The company’s tour team is now taking tourists on extra-long tours through Monday to Friday to help them enjoy the atmosphere within the Napa Valley and ensure they get a chance to have all their questions answered by experienced localdrivers.

To discover more on this special offer from Napa Valley Tours & Transportation, please contact them directly at(707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

Local Specialists in Napa Wine Tours Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Announce Appointment of New General Manager

Napa Valley, CA-based experts offering wine tours in Napa, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation have recently announced the appointment of their new general manager, Heike Pacchetti. Heike is highly qualified for the position of general manager having previously held the position of Director of Operations at Calistoga Ranch and Director of Hotel Services at Auberge De Soleil.

An organization must pinpoint and hire valuable leaders in order to build its reputation in the marketplace and drive forward in reaching its business objectives. It’s why companies seek out business leaders that have experienced success at the management level. The team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is continually looking to improve their service to clientele and as part of their objective, they’ve recently appointed a new general manager.

As general manager, Heike Pacchetti will bring immense experience to the Napa Valley Tours & Transportation team. Her leadership will be crucial in helping the organization move forward and build upon its success as one of the top providers of wine tours in Napa. Heike has experience in a range of fields, including housekeeping, guest services and hospitality and her combined experiences in these areas will bolster the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation moving forward.

To discover more about this latest appointment from Napa Valley Tours & Transportation, please contact their team today at 707-251-9463or visit their business website at

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Offer 10% Off Wine Tours in Napa Sunday through Thursday

Napa Valley, CA-based transportation leaders, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation are now offering a 10% discount for bookings made from Sunday through Thursday. The company’s latest special offer is designed to help clients save on special bookings for wine tours in Napa made during the week and ensure a low cost, high quality transportation option is available to weekday visitors.

Many people are now booking limousines and town cars for their special events and tours in and around Napa. These luxury modes of transportation offer both style and comfort when other transportation simply wouldn’t meet the standards required. But booking limousines and town cars for special events can be pricey for those with a more modest budget. It’s why many are now choosing to book their wine tours in Napa through Napa Valley Tours &Transportation, a company now offering a special discount for weekday bookings.

Now, all clients booking their wine tours in Napa through the company between Sunday through Thursday will receive a 10% discount on the price of the service. This will help couples and groups to explore the beautiful scenery across Napa at a lower cost, and ensure that visitors can save money as they take that once in a lifetime trip to the captivating Napa Valley.

It’s a service through which all visitors to Napa can now consolidate their travel costs. To learn more on this latest discount offer, contact the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation today at (707) 251-9463or visit their business website at

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 6 Things to Consider when Booking Wine Tours in Napa

Napa wine country offers visitors an exhilarating summer experience. But those planning their journey to the region this season must first consider all the elements involved in their vacation. By taking the time to plan now, visitors can ensure they enjoy a spectacular visit. In this latest article, the trusted team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation showcase six things to consider when booking wine tours in Napa.

  1. Get Protection for the Sun
    Wine tours will present visitors to Napa with numerous opportunities to spend hours in the sun. But many find that they underestimate the high temperatures. It’s important for visitors to bring copious amounts of sunscreen. Visitors should also bring numerous pairs of sunglasses to ensure their eyes are protected as they enjoy the captivating sights across Napa.
  2. Consider Booking a Driver
    A professional driver can add significant value to wine tours in Napa. Not only can they ensure that guests discover all there is to experience throughout the region, but they can also help them make effective use of their time. Instead of having to avoid tasting too many of the delicious wine options in the region, guests can book a driver and relax for their trip. They can also work with their driver to create a travel itinerary that takes them to hidden historic wineries.
  3. Focus on Select Wineries
    It can be tempting for guests to visit many wineries on their tour to get the full experience. But oftentimes, visiting many different wineries doesn’t allow guests to enjoy their time in the area. Local experts recommend only visiting select wineries across the region and working with a local tour team to pick out the best options for a unique tour experience.
  4. Remember to Layer Clothing
    The Napa Valley weather is known to change quickly from warm to cool. There can be a 20-degree swing from one part of the day to another and so it’s important that visitors layer their clothing to stay warm when the sun goes down.
  5. Don’t Bring too many Accessories
    Accessories can detract from the vacation experience. They might distract travelers when visiting one of the many outstanding wineries. Most local experts recommend that travelers bring only the items they need for the trip, and to keep cell phones in pockets when touring the area. This is the best way to enjoy a memorable vacation experience.
  6. Relax and Enjoy the Moment
    It can be easy to become fixated on the travel plans and making effective use of each day in Napa. But it’s important for travelers to simply focus on the moments in the Napa sun. Travelers should allow themselves to soak in the environment and to enjoy the experience without putting too much thought into their plans.

Napa offers a transcendent vacation experience. To learn more on the elements to consider when booking wine tours in the Napa region, call the team at Valley Napa Tours & Transportation directly at   (707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

Experts for Organized Napa Wine Tours Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 5 Reasons to Hire a Transportation Specialist for Upcoming Tours

Beyond the region’s history and its exceptional wineries, Napa is known for its inviting community and its high caliber of restaurants. It’s the reason so many people are now choosing to book Napa wine tours in 2016. When making plans for their trip, vacationers should consider how they will travel throughout the region. Booking professional transportation services could help all members of group enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in complete relaxation. And in this latest article, the tour experts at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation high five reasons to hire a transportation specialist for upcoming Napa trips.

  1. Allows All Travelers to Enjoy the Trip
    Most people have difficulty relaxing and enjoying the moment when they have to focus on the road in front of them. Hiring a tour company to take on the driving duties ensures that all group members are able to take in their surroundings and bask in the Napa sun.
  2. Specialists Know the Local Area
    It can be challenging to find those hidden away spots when the driver has limited experience of the local area. Hiring a transportation firm can ensure tour groups experience a one-of-a-kind vacation during which they’re taken to lesser known locales. It’s a great way to achieve an authentic travel experience while saving time during travel!
  3. Making More Efficient Use of time
    Travelers will only have a short period of time during their trip to Napa. They must capitalize on each of the opportunities available to them while they can. Choosing a specialist transportation firm for the trip means having access to a professional driver who knows all the best destinations as well as the most efficient traveling routes. Local drivers know the Napa traffic patterns and can avoid areas that would slow others down on their tour.
  4. Reduced Costs with Greater Local Knowledge
    By working with professional travel companies when booking their wine tours, Napa visitors can consolidate their costs by learning about the various businesses in the area. For example, the tour company can provide guests with information on the available restaurants within their budget and then plan a trip that allows for a memorable dining experience.
  5. Travel in Style
    Local transportation companies can also offer luxury vehicles so that travelers embarking on Napa wine tours can travel in style on their trip! This can help to enhance the experience and ensure a lasting memory for all visitors.

To learn more on the benefits of professional driving services for Napa wine tours, call the trusted team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation directly at (707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Now Offering Clients in Napa Transportation for Culture, Wine and Cuisine Extravaganza

Napa, CA-based wine tour transportation leader, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is now offering clients in Napa transit to the Festival Napa Valley 2016 event. The event, which will take place July 15 to 24, will feature jazz, opera, and dance shows by some of the world’s leading performers, in addition to wine and food offerings from the foremost vintners in Napa Valley.

In considering their attendance at important events taking place in and around the Napa Valley this summer season, visitors must ensure transportation options are booked well in advance of their upcoming trip. This is especially important for events that involve wine tasting, as transport firms can ensure their passengers travel in safety and luxury to and from their events. The specialists at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation have great experience transporting travelers throughout Napa in luxury vehicles on world class wine tours, and they’re now welcoming bookings for the upcoming Festival Napa Valley 2016 event.

Taking place July 15 to July 24, Festival Napa Valley 2016 promises to be an exciting event both for wine connoisseurs and those who enjoy world-class entertainment. Featuring performances from San Francisco Ballet, award winning singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth, jazz legend Sergio Mendes and many others, Festival Napa Valley 2016 is the must-see event of summer 2016. It’s now the ideal time to book luxury transportation for the event through the Napa Valley experts for wine tours and events, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation.

To learn more about the Festival Napa Valley 2016 event or book a vehicle for the trip, call the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation directly at (707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

Book Wine Tours in Napa This Summer with Napa Valley Tours & Transportation

Napa, CA-based Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is now offering affordable pricing on their full selection of wine tours in Napa Valley. The company’s expertise as well as their experience within the local wine industry means their team can respond to all tour requirements, whether the booking is for a girls’ vacation to Wine Country or for a romantic couple’s getaway. The company now partners with expert curated wine tour guides to offer exclusive tour opportunities to their guests. Continue reading

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 3 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Napa Car Service

When selecting a car service for their wine country events, travelers must ensure the company they select has the experience to provide seamless transportation across the region. Many make the mistake of simply selecting the first service they encounter. This can lead them to spending time waiting for their cars to arrive and paying far over their budget for transportation. In this article, the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation highlights three questions to ask when selecting a Napa car service. Continue reading

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 5 Reasons Why Vacationers are Now Considering Napa Wine Tasting Tours in 2016

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Book Winter Wine Tasting Tours in Napa with Napa Valley Tours & Transportation

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Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 3 Reasons to Choose Napa Wine Tasting Tours for a February Vacation

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Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Introduce Valentine’s Day Limo Service and Wine Tasting Special

Napa Valley, CA-based transportation and tour specialists, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation has recently introduced their new Valentine’s Day special offer. As part of the Valentine’s Day special offer, guests booking the Napa company’s limo service for their dinner transportation will receive complementary chocolates and champagne. Local guests will also have access to complementary wine tasting services when celebrating with Napa Valley Tours & Transportation this Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Offering Customized Wine Tasting Tours for Superbowl Fans

Napa Valley, CA-based specialists for customized wine tasting tours, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation has just announced they’ll be offering Napa wine tasting tours and transportation services during Superbowl week. The company will be helping football fans access local restaurants and bar locations with transportation options ranging from limousines to the latest smart cars. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Book the Napa Limo Service from Napa Valley Tours & Transportation for Valentine’s Day

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Napa Tours and Transportation Exemplify Luxury Service through Tour and Limousine Selection

A tour of Napa wine country offers area visitors an unforgettable experience. There is world class cuisine to enjoy and one of the world’s most refined wine selections from which to select. To take in all that Napa has to offer, however, many are now turning to Napa tour limousine services that offer both a qualified driver and a luxury vehicle for the trip. Napa Tours and Transportation is a leader within the country’s wine tour marketplace, and in this latest article they highlight the reasons behind their success. Continue reading

Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight How to Choose a Specialist When Booking Napa Valley Wine Tours

Many Americans are now in the process of booking Napa Valley wine tours. But some may find selecting a company difficult. There are many unique options to choose from when booking tour service providers, and so within this article the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation provides their quick guide to choosing a Napa Valley transportations specialist for wine tours. Continue reading

3 Benefits to Choosing Napa Valley Tours & Transportation for Car Hire Services

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Autumn is an amazing time to visit Napa

September 23rd marks the first day of what many  people refer to as ‘Autumn’ and others prefer ‘fall’, regardless of what you call it we’re marketing the point of the autumnal equinox. The US Naval Observatory explains it as “the day the center of the sun sets exactly 12 hours after it rises everywhere in the world.”  Day and night are essentially equal for several days around the equinox.

Fall EquinoxHaving grown up on the farm, for me autumn is largely about the bounty of the many crops that are being harvested, but none more than the grapes. In Napa we’ve seen an early  less abundant grape harvest.

There is still time to come and see the harvest process underway.

Last year my husband and I did wine tours in Napa during the harvest and it was just a quintessential wine experience. We tasted wine with crates of freshly picked clusters in view and loads of grapes going by outside the tasting room. We listened to the sound of destemmer machines busily preparing the grapes for crush as the flavors of prior year’s vintages seemed to dance in celebration across our taste buds. To make the time even more special we experienced a tasting focused on Cabernet and food pairings at Sequoia Grove which we both still talk about—it was an experienced that forever changed my wine pairing process as we learned about the way sweets, sour, salty and savory foods interact with Cabernet. I’ll share more about that experience in a future blog, but I can’t think of autumn any longer without reflecting on that experience.

As we welcome people in for the harvest season, we want to assure those from out of town the Napa Valley is open for business, despite the fires about 60 miles (nearly one and half hour drive) away that have sadly impacted so many people. Napa Valley Tours & Transportation has received many inquiries about whether people should reschedule and I assure you there is no reason to consider delaying a visit to Napa. The region has had a challenging year between last year’s earthquake, high summer temperatures, drought and fires, but things are truly business as usual in Napa. In fact there continues to be growth and enhanced wine and culinary experiences all the time.

One of the reasons I love to do Napa wine experiences at harvest time is the intensity and passion that’s felt by the wineries, especially the winemakers. For about 6 months they have attended the fruit from the first moments of bud break (actually before that with winter pruning) to flowering to fruit set then ongoing canopy management paying attention to the amount of sunlight needed/tolerated by each varietal.  Perhaps one of the stages least understood is crop thinning to rid vines of any imperfect or uneven bunches, that process is followed by watching for the first bunches to go through veraison (color change occurs and ripeness). Along the way through the season the variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures in Napa – sometimes as much as 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit-makes Napa one of the best grape growing regions in the world. Why does it help? The ripeness and sugar development occurs in the day’s heat and the cooler fog-infused hours help with retention of acidity and freshness. The blend of conditions provides beautifully balanced flavors.


Harvest started in July this year and with the range of varietals it will continue through November and likely into early December. It’s interesting to note (per “Although world-renowned, Napa Valley’s wine grape harvest is quite small – just 4% of California’s total annual harvest. However, wine produced in Napa Valley accounts for 50% of the retail value of all California wine sold.”


Whether you live close by or far away, it’s an amazing time of year to come wine tasting in Napa- whether you choose a small winemaker experience in the vineyard or a visit to one of the most acclaimed tasting rooms—Napa Valley Tours & Transportation can take you to the destinations of your dreams. We can pick you up at the airport or at your hotel for the start of the experience. Plus with our NVT OnDemand app you have chauffeured point to point options for your evenings out or even to move between wineries. When you call (707. 251.WINE(9463)) to schedule an autumn visit ask about our Wine & Dine package that provides you with free transportation to dinner when you book with NVTT for a wine tour.


Cheers for now!






VIPs Need A Chauffeur!




Lincoln MKT sedan overlooking Lake Hennessey in Napa Valley

In Napa we like to treat all our guests as VIPs, but some deserve a little more careful handling and attention, namely another kind of VIP: Visually Intoxicated Persons.

Recently I went through a course for servers of alcohol which is designed to prepare for the required testing to get licensed. Walking into the class I was pretty certain it would certainly be two hours of information I already knew and can’t say that I saw a lot of potential value.

As you might be expecting me to say I did learn from the course and the instructor was surprisingly entertaining despite the fact that he had taught on the topic hundreds of times.  He’s the one that got me thinking about our very special VIPs—Visually Intoxicated Persons.  When you’re serving someone you can’t check their blood alcohol content (BAC), but you can do some basic assessments to see if the person is likely impaired and needs to take a break from drinking.  Let’s face it when you’re out with a group of friends and everyone is drinking it’s easy to not notice when someone is starting to move over the line especially if they have a lower tolerance level than you do.

I have a close friend who only has one glass of wine when we’re out, so it would seem she would be a great one to go out with as she’d be the perfect driver after her friends had a few glasses; but in fact after one glass she’s as apparently impacted as we will be much further into the evening. I never let this ‘lightweight’ friend drive after even one glass of wine or beer.

Research shows that men account for 81% of the DUIs and in many of those situations they have loved ones in the car with them. Unfortunately it’s often assumed men can drive after high consumption, but everyone needs to be careful and consider the ranges of warning as to when you likely are driving impaired.  People also some times judge the risk by what they’ve been drinking, “I’ve only had a few beers” is meaningless unless you consider the person’s gender, weight and time period over which the alcohol was consumed.

This Website is one of many which includes a chart for guidance on knowing how much on average can safely be consumed. The page also provides a link to each state’s DUI laws and a Blood Alcohol Calculator that allows you to enter your gender and weight to see approximately how your blood level is impacted by the number of drinks and time period you enter.


The statistics of what VIPs (Visually Intoxicated Persons) that can behind the wheel can inflict on our society are staggering. In 2013, 10,076 people were killed and approximately 290,000 were injured. (source

Why a blog about the impact of alcohol from a business that is larger based on the Napa Wine Industry? It’s something we take very seriously at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation and we’re approaching yet another holiday weekend as I write this which means an expected spike in people getting DUIs around the country.  According to, “during Labor Day weekend in 2010, 147 people in the U.S. were killed as a result of drunk driving, which represented 36% of all highway fatalities during that period.” While that was a few years ago, the statistics I reviewed on other sites for various years were very similar.

To offer an alternative to drinking and driving this weekend NVTT is again offering “Community Cars” which is a service offered in Napa on major holidays.  We utilize our app NVT OnDemand to give people an easy way to request a free ride out or home.  Through the generosity of NVTT chauffeurs who volunteer their time, NVTT donated cars and scheduling and the members of the Napa Sunrise Rotary helping to spread the word;  free transportation is accessible this Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between 7-Midnight. This is part of an effort to keep VIPs off the streets.

Some key reminders to help you look out for VIPs around you, so you can step in when appropriate and make sure everyone has a safe ride home:

  • People can build up a tolerance that makes them seem to be fine and hard to recognize when they’ve had too much, so with heavier drinkers you really consider the rates of blood alcohol based on their approximate weight, number of drinks consumed (1 drink = 5 oz. wine, 12 oz. beer or 1 1/2 oz hard liquor).  If you are drinking too much per hour you are at risk of becoming a VIP, regardless of what type of alcohol you consume.
  • Take time to eat and have snacks available to people you’re entertaining.
  • If you’re hosting a party have people turn in their keys as they arrive, it’s easier to keep someone’s keys then get them away later.
  • Offer alternatives to alcohol and encourage water consumption to help with hydration throughout the event. I go with the approach of drinking one 8 oz serving of water for every serving of alcohol.

Getting Ready for Your Napa Experience

House at the end of a napa valley vineyard covered in mustard flower

For most wine drinkers going to Napa is like approaching the gates to the kingdom of a celebrated friend. Wine is part of our special occasions and routinely a bit of comfort at the end of a long day. For many it’s favorite part of the day or at least the weekend to open a bottle and savor the flavors that seemingly dance in the glass.

When you decide to head to Napa there’s far more to consider in your preparation than where you’re going to stay and getting transportation arranged through Napa Valley Tours & Transportation (NVTT). You should give some thought to what your priorities are for the wine tasting part of your trip.

For planning where you want to visit amidst the countless Napa Valley wineries consider the following:

Are you searching for special experiences or attractions at the wineries?  For instance if you are a movie buff Inglenook’s movie relics from Francis Ford Coppola’s career and wine industry history might make the winery a destination. Music lovers could be intrigued by the gallery collection Rolling Stone covers from the 1960s through the 1970s on display this year at Markham Vineyard’s Gallery.

Want to experience that most talked about bottle? If you like to follow the latest trends in wine and hot spots then you’ll want to check out publications like Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine,  Parker or even tasting notes from where you shop. To see what’s hot and the highest scores in latest reviews.  You’re not alone in the desire to see what others like before heading out. According to the Wine Market Council 2014 study 56% of millennials, 42% of Gen X’ers, 21% of Baby Boomers and 15% 69+ saw wine reviews as important to their wine purchase decision. Of course this importance on reviews (friends or professional reviews) trends higher for the millennials when it comes to just about any topic.

Overwhelmed by all the types of wines at many wineries? Consider making your trip focus on a particular varietal of course in Napa you can’t go wrong with Cabernet Sauvignon or for a refreshing twist do a day, or an entire trip, focusing on the amazing bounty of delicious sparkling wines. NVTT had a group of guests recently do 3 days of sparkling tours and tasting experiences. At the very least you should consider starting your day with bubbles from one of the highly rated sparkling wineries.

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen people make and I made it myself when I began experiencing wine regions, was to schedule too many wineries in one day. Remember you and your taste buds will tire along the way. Allow time for lunch, so you can help compensate for the wine and refresh a bit before going to afternoon stops. I find one or two stops in the morning and then 2 more in the afternoon allow me to taste the wines and recognize attributes that appeal to me. Of course it also is impacted by whether you are trying everything offered in flights or just one or two varietals.

Once you’ve decided your’e on your Napa winery itinerary (remember NVTT can help you schedule your visits and make recommendations) refresh yourself on how to really make the most of the wine tasting experience. Some of the tried and true ways to taste are shown in this You Tube posted video by Wine Spectator

Don’t forget to plan for getting that wine you fall in love with back home. Wineries will ship for you, but that can add up fast. Depending on how much you plan to purchase you might consider buying wine luggage that can be checked like luggage but has customized packaging for bottles. The bags are often sold at many of the wineries for less than you can buy them online. Remember that sparkling wines may not fit in the wine luggage, so you may opt to ship that or get wine sleeves to put it in your regular luggage. You can leave the wine bags with your NVTT chauffeur and it will be kept in the air conditioned car while you do your tasting, so no worry about ruining the wine you look forward to enjoying at home.

We look forward to seeing you in Napa for a wine trip soon. Harvest is upon us and your adventure awaits.


Kenzo Estate


Kenzo Estate sign outside the cave

A Kenzo Estate winery tour will be sure to amaze anybody who chooses to visit this property.  Kenzo Tsujimoto born in Nara, Japan. He started Capcom in 1983 which went public in 1990 and he is the current Chairman and CEO. The same year Capcom went public Kenzo purchased 3,800 acres (formally 4 Star Farms Equestrian Center) in the South Eastern part of Napa Valley which now serves as the site for the Winery.

Ai is the Cabernet Dominate wine which is the signature of the Napa Valley

Click for Tasting notes

Being a big fan of Heidi Barrett’s wines, Kenzo was quick to get her her talents in handling his wine. The 150 acres under vine are managed by David Abreu. Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc are the only grapes grown on the property. Vines were planted in 2002 with 2005 being the first vintage (100% of which went straight to Japan.)


Visitors have various options from just a tasting and view of the property to a wonderful lunch provided by Bouchon (advance notice required.)


Lunch plate from Bouchon

Outside the tasting room guests can walk through the demostration vineyard to get a better understanding of what grape farming is all about. During the right time of year people are encouraged to taste the grapes while still on the vine.demo vineyard

On site you will find fermenters made from cement, stainless steel, and oak. The massive 22,000 square foot cave has the  barrels stored (100% french oak) based on their vineyard block.barrel-lineup

 From this property 6 wines are produced. There are 3 blends using the Bordeaux grapes, Rindo, Muraski and Ai. One Rosè (Yui), one Sauvignon Blanc(Asatsuyu) and one Cabernet Franc (Asuka) which isn’t bottled every year.

Yui is a limited production Rosé

Yui is a limited production Rosé

Of the 6 wines, Rindo is the largest bottling for Kenzo Estate (making up roughly half of the wine produced.)


Click for tasting notes

When you want to vist Kenzo as a group or in a private intimate experience simply let our concierge know and they will set up everything so all you have to do is arrive and enjoy.