Vehicles For Sale

NVTT offers the following vehicles FOR SALE to the general public.  

If interested,  please contact our Fleet Manager,

35 PASSENGER BUS 2007INTERNATIONALBUS W901HVBTAAM47H521445125,000$44,000View Gallery
23 PASSENGER BUS 2011FORDE450 W961FDXE4FS4BDB2137797,000$37,000View Gallery
23 PASSENGER BUS 2010FORDE450 W971FDXE4FS7BDA63510108,000$37,000View Gallery
23 PASSENGER BUS 2011FORDE450 W1001FDXE4FS2BDB2137685,000$37,000View Gallery
14 PASSENGER VAN 2013FORDVAN W51FBSS3BL9DDA1470554,000$17,000View Gallery
13 PASSENGER 2011FORDE350 W181FDWE3FL7BDA17111 140,000$17,000