Frequently Asked Questions

How many wineries should I visit in a day?

There are numerous winery experiences to choose from in Napa and Sonoma. Typically, we find that 3 wineries visits per day works well.

How long does a typical winery visit last?

One can expect a visit to last 60-90 minutes depending on the experience selected.

Should we have lunch or just wine taste?

The short answer is enjoy lunch. The long answer is there are many dining options while wine tasting and planning your day with our Concierge can have benefits extending into the dinner hour…

Should I use a ride sharing service or use a limo service while wine tasting?

Ride sharing is certainly an option but there can be some challenges. Knowing you have a dedicated car and driver offers peace of mind, efficiency and a place to call “home” for the day. Challenges for ride sharing are limited cell coverage (especially near hills), delays in getting picked up, hassles moving and carrying items in and out of cars and wineries. A dedicated driver can also act as your “on the road” Concierge and make your day run smoothly.

Do I really need an appointment when wine tasting?

There are several wineries that do not require appointments for smaller groups. However, more and more wineries are requiring appointments, even those that are not required to have them, in order to ensure a quality memorable experience for their guests.

Is there more to do then wine tasting in Sonoma and Napa Valley?

Beyond the exceptional culinary scene there is olive oil tasting, ancient redwood forests and geologic wonders all an easy drive away. Our Concierge Team will gladly offer ideas to pique your interest.

Have other questions?  Just send us a note.